Unlocking Privacy on the Base Network

Silent is your gateway to confidential transactions on the Base network. By disrupting the traceability on the blockchain, Silent ensures your financial activities remain private and secure.

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What we offer?

Complete Anonymity

Transactions on our platform are untraceable, preserving user privacy completely.


Transactions on our platform are untraceable, preserving user privacy completely.


Transactions on our platform are untraceable, preserving user privacy completely.

How it works?

Deposit Funds

Initially, a unique identifier (note) is autonomously created. The user‘s Ethereum (ETH) and the digital signature of this note are logged with the SilentCash Smart Contract.

Privacy Ensured

For enhanced confidentiality, it is advised that the user delays the retrieval of funds for a certain period

Withdraw Funds

To receive the funds, the user must provide verification that they possess the correct identifier linked to one of the funded notes. Upon successful verification by the contract, the Ethereum is then directed to the intended receiver.



(Q3 2023)

Contract Deployment & Initial Development
  • Deployment of anonymity mixer contracts to the testnet for preliminary assessment.
  • Initiating beta testing to refine the contracts through real-world usage and feedback.

(Q4 2023-Q1 2024)

Development Completion & Testing
  • Deployment of token staking and liquidity provider (LP) staking contracts to the testnet for initial trials.
  • Comprehensive beta testing phase to ensure robustness and identify any issues in staking processes.

(Q2 2024)

Beta Launch & Refinement
  • Official launch of anonymity mixer contracts to the mainnet, opening up the service to the public.
  • Introduction of anonymity mining on the testnet to promote deposits into mixers with incentives.

(Q3 2024)

Public Launch & Ongoing Development
  • Implementation of anonymity mining on the mainnet to encourage ongoing participation in mixers.
  • Beta testing of the mixer withdrawal feature through cross-chain bridge integration, allowing for network flexibility.

(Q4 2024 & Beyond)

Expansion & Advanced Features
  • Introduction and integration of the cross-chain bridge feature for mixer withdrawals, enabling transactions across various networks.
  • Deployment of Proof of Innocence protocol to allow users to demonstrate the legitimacy of their withdrawals without compromising their privacy.


SilentCash improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between the sender and receivers address. It uses smart contracts that only accepts a fixed amount of ETH to be deposited that can then be withdrawn by a different address. To preserve privacy a relayer can be used to withdraw to an address with no ETH balance. There is no way to link the withdrawal to the deposit, ensuring absolute privacy.

To facilitate a withdrawal to an account lacking the necessary funds for transaction fees, relayers step in. These relayers execute the withdrawal by paying the required gas fees themselves and, in return, receive a portion of the deposit as remuneration. Importantly, relayers are unable to alter any details of the withdrawal, such as the recipient‘s address. It should also be noted that the original developers of Silent have no involvement or influence over the relaying of transactions.

We offer a compliance tool that enables you to verify the origins of your funds.

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